Television for the

Youtube era

Avoid programming and schedules that don’t fit your life. Replace them with channel bundles, themed add-ons, and watch everything at your own time. Whatever your screen diet or device. Rent movies, catch up missed episodes, or record and binge-watch on the weekend.

TVE: on the web and in the app

TV that follows you, from screen to shining screen.

Now you can watch TV in your browser or iOS/Android app anywhere in Estonia. Available free to Starman TV customers with a Starbox or ZUUMbox customers. TVE can also be purchased separately.
  • Up to 28 TV channels
  • Catch up on 8 days of programming on Time Machine
  • Watch TV on multiple screens

TVE works with smartphones, tablets, desktop and laptop computers. It’s also a budgetfriendly alternative to ordering an additional watching station in another room.



Watch now

TVE is available on the Starman website.

Just pair it with your Starbox and you’re good to go.


Download the app

  • Use the app as a Starbox remote
  • Programming schedules for 170+ channels
  • Programming search by show title
  • Set programming reminders
  • Up to 28 live channel streams
  • Content from up to 28 Time Machine Channels*
  • Record shows n 25 TV channels*
  • Trigger new recordings and delete old ones on up to 100 channels**
  • Pair unlimited devices with one DigiTV service
  • Use two devices simultaneously
  • *available to Time Machine subscribers
    **Available to TV Recording subscribers

    Read more about the app from here! (in Estonian)

TVE: from screen

to shining screen